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Trying to promote your website or brand is no easy task. You could build a beautiful website for your company, influencer following, or small business and have it never be found in the search engines. Search Engine Optimization for small businesses will help your website be found amongst the various search engines. In fact, our SEO professional services will have you ranking on the first page of Google’s Search Engine Result pages. Vade Mecum Marketing offers the best affordable SEO Packages for any industry niche.

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Our Affordable SEO Services

At Vade Mecum Marketing, SEO is our specialty. Our professional SEO services for small businesses are the missing link to your success. Need to get to this first page of Google? We have you covered. Vade Mecum prides itself on staying at the cutting edge of the search industry. We consistently attend search engine optimization seminars, maintain a myriad of SEO certifications, and have actual campaign success. Our professional SEO services include on-site and off-site SEO practices. We have proficient experiences with businesses of all industries and backgrounds. Whether you're B2B or B2C, we have your SEO website checklist covered from A-Z.

On-Site SEO

We checkout your businesses website, we run a scrape of your website, analyze the existing SEO Tags (Title tags, H1’s, Meta Descriptions, and Image Alternative Text), and rewrite them based off of Keyword research.

Any SEO campaign includes keyword research. This is a vital aspect of search engine optimization. With our keyword research tools we dive into commonly searched keyword terms, and we provide strategic verbiage that speaks the language of your business. These keywords are incorporated into your SEO Tags as well as in your on-site copy. As you gain ranking, your website will appear higher and higher in the search engine results pages and you'll reap the traffic rewards!

Want an in-depth dive into your website's current SEO campaign? Our affordable SEO services include ongoing SEO campaign management, as well as one off professional search engine optimization service items. Regardless of whether you want on-going SEO work and consultation, we offer our SEO campaign benchmark to all businesses and freelancers. Vade Mecum Marketing recommends an SEO Benchmark be done to uncover any “squeaky wheels” with your website, mark the major SEO campaign key performance indicators (KPI’s) and watch them rise as you benefit from our affordable SEO packages for small businesses.

These are a few on site strategies that we are capable of. For a more in-depth affordable SEO service list, contact Vade Mecum Marketing.

Off-Site SEO

Improving the content, usability, verbiage, and overall optimization of your on site SEO is irreplaceable. That being said, off-site SEO is equally as vital to an SEO campaign.

If you’re a small business or a freelancer, chances are your location is a pivotal factor to your revenue stream. Ensuring your businesses information is correctly listed on Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, local directories or listings, and other various data aggregators is important. We also offer video SEO services as a part of our YouTube marketing services.

We create, manage, and optimize Google My Business listings and ensure complete data congruence across major platforms. We also create top of the funnel Google My Business Shoppable Product / Service Collection items for customers to view before they click through to your websites product landing page. 

Link Building

Having links pointing back to your website signals to Google that you or your small business is an authority on what you’re talking about (your niche). The more quality inbound links pointing back to your website the better. This helps your websites ability to rank for keywords, increases traffic, and improves your domain authority. From sourcing guest posting opportunities, to link building outreach, broken link reclamation, broken link building, and competitor backlink analysis Vade Mecum does it all.


Monthly SEO Reporting

Every month we report on the data, work completed, and next steps. We create custom dashboards that are cohesive, concise, and tailored to your campaigns needs.

Industry Best Practices

We keep our software up to date with search industry best practices, algorithm updates, and a constant search for additional SEO knowledge. We strive for excellence. 

SEO Content Writing Services

We pride ourselves on being SEO wordsmiths. Our content writing services are customer focused. We become fluent in the language of your business while incorporating SEO keywords in a colloquial manner.

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