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Paid advertising is an essential part of the digital marketing mix. Pay per click advertising is essentially when you pay a fee each time one of your ads are clicked on Google (and many other platforms). Pay per click advertising is a great way to amplify you or your brands reach while you’re growing your organic channel with SEO.

By paying for your ads to be displayed at the top of the search engine result pages you’re drastically increasing brand awareness and conversions. The best part? You control your budget and the people you target with your ads.

Pay per click is one of the most efficient ways of increasing your website traffic, conversions, and overall brand awareness. While search engine optimization is a vital part of search engine marketing (SEM), SEO takes some time to gain momentum. For a more holistic search engine marketing campaign we recommend coupling our affordable SEO services with our affordable pay per click services.

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Affordable PPC Management 

Our affordable ppc management helps you to identify your ideal audience, optimize for conversions, brand awareness and traffic.

Vade Mecum Marketing can create and implement multiple ppc campaigns to accomplish various advertising objectives.

Our content writing team helps craft the perfect ad copy for you and your brand while our design experts work to create click worthy graphics and image assets. Once you have approved your ad copy and image assets, our professional PPC strategists design the campaigns.

We communicate internally with our professional SEO team to help further synthesize your search engine marketing strategy. Our SEO and PPC team work hand in hand to ensure your campaigns effectiveness.

Professional Digital Marketing Services

Digital marketing is far from monolithic, but there are major facets each brand should aim to cover. Google is the world's largest search engine and has robust potential to help meet your business objectives.

With the help of our affordable ppc services and affordable SEO services, Vade Mecum Marketing will help drive both quantity and quality traffic to your website.

Monthly PPC Reporting

Every month we report the campaigns data, work completed, and next steps. We create custom dashboards that are cohesive, concise, and tailored to your businesses metrics of success.

Ad Copy Writing Services

Need the perfect tagline? Our content writing team can write the perfect creative, crafty and cohesive messaging to entice your audience. 

Affordable SEO Services

Run a cohesive search engine marketing campaign by coupling our affordable pay per click services with our affordable SEO services

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