Our Story

Vade Mecum Marketing was created and founded by Ren Costantini shortly after graduating college and traveling the world. Prior to embarking on his worldly adventures, Ren stumbled upon a book where the phrase "Vade Mecum" was written. 

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Affordable SEO Services

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Content Writing Services

Hi, my name is Ren Costantini

I'm a small business owner who understands the complexities of growing a small business.

I've been in digital marketing for 6 years and counting. During my tenure, I've had the pleasure of working for top tier digital marketing agencies that serviced some of the biggest brands in the world. I've personally had the pleasure of working on a plethora of these massive SaaS, eCommerce, and local brands. I've even led international campaigns!

I genuinely love what I do, but in my spare time I choose carefully who I do it for.

To help level the playing field, I offer affordable digital marketing services and consultations to small business owners ONLY.

I believe in the underdogs. I believe in family owned businesses lasting several lifetimes. 

I would love the opportunity to help other small business owners thrive.

Drop me a note for a FREE CONSULTATION. (No, seriously its free).

Ren Costantini


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